Board of Directors


The Genesee Valley Chapter is managed by an elected Board of Directors that is comprised of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer, state board representative, and five directors.  This active Board gives their time to plan activities and training for environmental professionals in the Genesee Valley area.  If you have any questions or need more information on the Genesee Valley Chapter, please feel free to contact any of the following board members via email below or in person at an upcoming meeting.




Contact Information

Michael Hershelman



Hannah Rockwell

Co-Vice Chair / Secretary

Matt McKenna

Co-Vice Chair

Matt Higgins Co-Vice Chair mhiggins@labellapc.com

Nick Bayer

Treasurer nbayer@cplteam.com
Kathy Ammari DEC Representative kathy.ammari@dec.ny.gov
Steve Carroll Board Member scarroll@villageofleroy.com
Mary Herington

Board Member

Steve Peletz

Board Member

Michelle McEntire State Board Representative michelle.mcentire@obg.com
Dan Chacchia Committee Member  dchacchia@siewertequipment.com
Bill Davis Committee Member  bill.davis@mrbgroup.com
Karis Manning Committee Member  karis.manning@dec.ny.gov
Tyler Miller Committee Member  tyler.miller@arcadis.com
Kathy Russell Committee Member  kathyr@aftekfilters.com


In addition to the board we have several committees and volunteers:


  • Awards Committee:
    • Chair: Steve Carroll
    • Members: Michelle McEntire, Dan Chacchia, Matt McKenna, and Bill Davis
  • Member Activities Committee (YP & Operators):
    • Co-Chairs: Mary Herington and Tyler Miller
    • Members: Matt McKenna, Matt Higgins, Hannah Rockwell, and Nick Bayer
  • Programs Committee:
    • Co-Chair: Hannah Rockwell and Matt Higgins
    • Members: Michael Hershelman, Kathy Ammari, Mary Herington, Steve Peletz, Dan Chacchia, and Steve Carroll
  • Communications Committee:
    • Chair: Matt Higgins
    • Members: Michelle McEntire, Mary Herington, Tyler Miller, and Michael Hershelman
  • Operator Challenge Committee:
    • Chair: Steve Peletz
    • Members: Steve Carroll
  • Scholarship Committee:
    • Chair: Michael Hershelman
    • Members: Steve Peletz, Bill Davis, Mary Herington, Hannah Rockwell, Matt Higgins, and Matt McKenna


If you wish to become an active member in one of our commitees, please reach out to any of the board or commitee members. We are always looking for more help and ideas!