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Industrial Issues Committee



The Industrial Issues Committee is a group of multi-disciplined professionals who come together to discuss and share ideas addressing environmental, health, and safety issues facing our community, as well as providing educational opportunities on these topics.




The GVC Industrial Issues Committee’s roots stretch all the way back to the late 1970’s. In those days New York State’s SPDES program and Monroe County’s Industrial Pretreatment Program were fairly new, and key individuals within both organizations saw the need for outreach and training. To this end, educational seminars were organized and permittees were invited to attend. Through these seminars, the early IIC members began to recruit other members from both industry and local consulting firms and to expand their focus from just hosting several seminars a year, to more regular meetings focused on information sharing. The group quickly found that in addition to planning seminars, there was great benefit in just sharing experiences. This sharing became important enough to the IIC members that they established bi-monthly meetings to focus on what is today termed the "round table", where everyone attending the meeting is given an opportunity to talk about recent successes, challenges and lessons learned.




Our committee meets on a bimonthly basis, and meetings are hosted by on a rotating basis. Our morning-long meetings are centered on a substantive roundtable discussion; followed by regulatory updates, subcommittee reports, and routine committee business. The structure of our group is purposely informal, with the positions of chair and vice-chair filled by volunteers for a period of one calendar year. The vice-chair assumes the chair position as it is vacated. Subcommittees are formed as needed to address issues or activities the committee has an interest in. The committee’s finances are managed by the chapter treasurer, with all funds held in the Chapter’s accounts. We also rely on the Chapter for our Web presence, maintenance of our mailing list, and distribution of news and event notices.




Over the years the GVC IIC has undertaken several initiatives that benefit both our members and our community. In November the committee hosts a technical seminar specific to the interests of industrial EH&S managers. In May we hold a Compliance Awards Luncheon recognizing members with exemplary wastewater compliance records. And in February of each year we partner with the local AWMA chapter to host an annual environmental conference. This event attracts over 250 environmental professionals from throughout New York State, and has become one of the premier environmental conferences in the region.

A portion of the proceeds from these events is directed into community grants and academic scholarships. Community grants are made available to local not-for-profits to support activities that promote environmental awareness and good works, and funds are donated to a local college to support scholarships for students pursuing a degree in environmental science. Our committee members also donate time to a variety of community efforts, involving everything from trail maintenance to watershed monitoring. All of our activities are designed to enhance networking among our members, promote environmental awareness, and give something tangible back to our community.





Annual Fall IIC Seminar (November)


In early November each year the Industrial Issues Committee hosts a technical seminar designed to address the common concerns and interests of our membership. The seminar traditionally begins with a regulatory update, followed by a series of 40 minutes presentations, and ending with a buffet lunch. On occasion we also feature a luncheon speaker and/or an afternoon facility tour. This event provides a great opportunity for our local environmental professionals to spend time with one another, and helps to foster a spirit of cooperation that benefits our community at large.



Annual Joint AWMA/NYWEA Seminar (February)


Now approaching its 23rd year, the Annual Joint Seminar has become one of the premier the environmental gatherings of environmental professionals in New York. This event typically draws over 250 participants; including industrial EHS managers, consultants, state and local regulators, environmental contractors, and a variety of service providers. The seminar format is comprised of a morning-long plenary session focused on major trends/issues in the environmental field, followed by an afternoon of breakout sessions specific to air, water, and solid waste. Professional development hours (PDHs) are made available to professional engineers, and training contact hours are offered for wastewater treatment plant operators.

Seminar topics are selected by a committee made up of GVC NYWEA and GFL AWMA members. Every effort is made to choose topics that are both timely, and of maximum benefit to our attendees. The result is an agenda that includes something for everyone. Of course all work and no play make for a very dull day, so we also build in plenty of time for networking. Our morning begins with a continental breakfast, both the morning and afternoon sessions include a refreshment break, and a full buffet lunch is served midday. In short, this seminar provides the perfect blend of technical education and a relaxed atmosphere old friends and acquaintances can reconnect.



Compliance Recognition Awards Luncheon (May)


Each year the IIC recognizes local facilities that have achieved exemplary compliance with their wastewater discharge permit. Candidates must be Genesee Valley Chapter members or regular participants in the Industrial Issues Committee. First time non-members can also apply, with the provision that they fulfill membership/participation criteria going forward. Award winners are individually recognized during the luncheon ceremony and receive a signed certificate suitable for display.

Applications are accepted through March 31st for the preceding calendar year. This recognition symbolizes the successful achievements of a company’s commitment by its employees to consistently meet wastewater discharge compliance. Industries applying for this award must:

  1. Be members of the New York Water Environment Association Genesee Valley Chapter (at least one employee member) OR a non-member and attended 3 of 6 Industrial Issues Committee meetings in the application year. First time applicants for this award that did not meet either criteria in the reporting year may still receive a compliance award but will be expected to meet one of the membership criteria in the following year.
  2. Be permitted by the local publicly owned treatment works (POTW) and/or New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) for Water. The permit must contain environmental monitoring limits (“Action Levels” and “Monitoring Only” are not considered limits). Submit copy of permit monitoring requirements with application.
  3. Not be in significant non-compliance with POTW Water Discharge Permit and/or NYSDEC SPDES Permit.
  4. The Compliance Recognition Award is given for greater than 98 % compliance with all POTW and SPDES permitted discharge requirements for a full calendar year, in the following categories:

Bronze Award 98% to 99% Compliance

Silver Award 99% to 100% Compliance

Gold Award 100% Compliance





Environmental Education Grants


The Genesee Valley Chapter Industrial Issues Committee (GVIIC) has instituted a program through which grants are made to local not-for-profit organizations to promote environmental awareness and education.

  1. The requestor must be from a not for profit/nonprofit organization.
  2. The project is intended to "promote environmental awareness and education".
  3. Grants of up to $500 per project are given. (Exceptions may be made by consensus of the full committee.)
  4. All grant requests are reviewed by the Grant Subcommittee members. If the majority of Grant Subcommittee members approve the grant request, then the grant application is forwarded to the Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer for final approval.
  5. The money requested, if granted, will be used for the program/activity described in the application.
  6. Grant money will be returned to NYWEA in the event that the activity is cancelled or for some reason does not occur.
  7. The NYWEA/Genesee Valley Chapter will be acknowledged in some appropriate manner for the contribution received. This may include mention in a brochure produced, plaque on a sign/piece of equipment purchased.
  8. The grantee will be requested to either give a report of the success of the project at an IIC Meeting or submit a written summary.
  9. Grants are given based on need and merit of the project. In other words, the project has not been done already; the money will be used for the specified project only and which may not have occurred without our support.


2020 Committee Contacts


Committee Chair: Denis Conley, Haley Aldrich; dconley@haleyaldrich.com


Committee Vice-Chair: Steve Campbell, Stantec; steven.campbell@stantec.com


IIC Grants: Mike Sanguinito, Southco Inc.; MSanguinito@southco.com


Compliance Awards: Marshall Shannon, Paradigm Environmental; mshannon@paradigmenv.com


Fall Seminar: Mike Eveland, Red-Rochester LLC; meveland@recycled-energy.com