In Memoriam: Ann Kupferschmid


I was sad to hear of Ann's passing. She was a bright light and a leader in the water and wastetwater industry. She will be missed.

My condolences to Ann's family. She was a wonderful woman and will be missed greatly.

I always enjoyed seeing Ann at either the NYWEA conferences or when she would stop in to the Industrial Waste office after she had retired.  She was a huge supporter of our Operations Challenge team and I loved hearing her stories from working at Pure Waters.  Most of all I will miss her happy nature and wonderful smile.

Met Ann my first day at Monroe County.  She had the tough job of training me at the Lab.  I will miss her directness and candor.  You always new where she stood on things.  Something missing in today's world.  Condolences to the family.

Jovial, driven, loved Ryall and Heather intensely.  She always came to work with stories of "those two" like the day Ryall set the toaster oven on fire and Ann launched it into the backyard.  She was a very dedicated worker.  I missed her laughter and smile when she transferred to Industrial Waste.  She always stopped and talked when IW samples came in.  Her pride for Ryall and Heather's accomplishments was always the first news she shared.  God bless you Ann.   Love


Ann and the GVC-NYWEA were synominous in my mind for many years.  If there was a chapter event, Ann was there, typically helping out.  She then went on to form our local "Women of Water" group that is still active today.  For a number of years after she retired she would share my room at the NYWEA annual conference so that she could continue to volunteer her time but keep her persona expenses to a minimum.  Ann was a good friend with a huge heart and the world is a sadder place without her in it.  Libby Ford

Ann was such a kind and generous person. For years, she was a constant fixture at our Spring and Annual Meetings, always lending a hand and a smile. She will truly be missed!

To Sue, Bob, Dick, Jane and Ann's family.  I was sad to hear about losing Ann, I liked hearing a little about her life and kindness - it's been many years since I've seen her.  The Kupferschmid's have always been a special part of my past.  I send my thoughts and condolences too you all.